Objective Kiev

Opening shots show you CRT and Terrain.

This game is designed and modelled almost exact as Objective Moscow by Frank Chadwick. Simple quick easy to play.

Opening moves were a bit sub optimal and for the first few turns I deducted a column on attack for Cities not Major Cities… This ends up hurting the Germans.

In the South the Soviets make use of their counter attack bonus Turn 1 & 2 with 100% and 50% increase in Attack factors for all attacking units. This weakens the Axis (0.49 time mark).

@ the 1:00 mark Turn 4 begins and the German machine kicks into gear. just as Soviet reinforcements ramp up. The unit in Sheptakova is still unknown and the Axis pile on, not even knowing the spread of high low factors makes these attacks a bit nerve racking!

Each hex is only allowed one attacking unit and stacking is max two units. @ 1:29 the Germans pile in to clear cities in the North and bide their time in the South

@1:32 and the Soviets attempt to counter attack, and fail, but the Axis must really control ALL the cities for the win and it may be stretch to make that happen despite sub par defensive play.

Kiev does fall Turn six but in order to take Cheringov this requires leaving the  city open. Which barring the Victory conditions I would not have done given its ‘strategic’ importance overall. I had hoped to reach the city with another unit but I over estimated movement!

Thus as turn 7 rolls in the Soviets re capture Kiev unopposed and earn a  draw with 2 cities in hand.

The title has some replay value and would be solid for a learner game as it covers fundamentals of movement, combat, zocs and ‘strategic’ play in a simple framework.

Good easy to read charts, superb rule layout and format and a pleasing but simple set of components.

(Note the two spare units I had left the Axis units at home while I was playing this on vacation.)

Fun stuff!


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  1. I have this coming in the mail in a few weeks. Can’t wait to try it out. I’ve been interested in it.

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