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Real life is going to have its way with me the next couple of weeks so these Tuesday offerings are going to be on the slim to nil side for a bit. I have three or four things written up that are just in the preliminary stages and hope to get at least one of them finished by next week. If I should get some time I would need to focus on just one of these posts (as opposed to jumping from draft to draft like I normally do) in order to complete it.

So, in order for me to not have to make any real decisions I thought I’d give a brief rundown of what ideas I have going through my head and set up a poll to see if there is anything that sparks any interest.

DER WELTKRIEG OVERVIEW: Exactly what it sounds like. I’ll drone on about sequence of play, different unit types, etc.

TOP FIVE RULE BOOKS: A list of what I think are the best five rule books out there. Hell, I probably wouldn’t vote for this one. Sounds boring.

WHY WARGAMING?: How my career choice and hobby choice are based on similar fascinations.

QUICK GAME REVIEWS: I’ll review just about every game in my wargame collection in four sentences or less.

OCS EXAMPLE OF PLAY: This is kind of a cheat as I’ll just move an example of play I’ve already written from another website to this fine establishment.

Anything else? Leave a comment…

4 thoughts on “Nothing to Report

    • The Der Weltkrieg overview is well on its way, so it will most likely be the next up after the quick game reviews… Here’s a sneak preview of the quick game reviews: “I have yet to play this game….” 🙂

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