Northern Campaign, Last Blitzkrieg

I am not sure when play will begin, as I really do owe it to myself to finish of the handful of titles I have running at the moment. This game will require more than I can spare of my meager mind!
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Above are the VP locations. Blue are Allied, Black are Germans. There are also points for exiting X units from Y formation 1,2,3..2016-06-13 05.49.58

Fatigue will play into this short 6 turn game. Units start either Fresh or @ Level 0. As Fatigue is rolled for per activation and the ‘intensity’ of that activation it is critical to maximize your results per effort.

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Peiper starts fresh but takes a movement penalty and can only activate once in the first turn for historical accuracy reasons.

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Many of the US formations start off in Prepared Defense postures. 2nd Infantry, 99th and the 106th all do so.

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This shot gives us a view of the distances that might need to be covered to achieve victory, if the Germans are to achieve their historic reach, clean fast paced turns will be required. With that in mind I look over where to attack first. and where to go post attack, assuming we can force the retreat.

The left side of the Map is North. and the 326th VG there will attempt to break thru, despite it being a low odds opportunity. This might pull forces back off the line in front of 1st SS., making 12th VG’s job easier, as they need to clear the way for Peiper to run. In the South there are holes to be explored by 18th VG for break thru attacks on the 106th Inf.

2016-06-13 16.10.06

Orange icons are attacks. Red are proposed/planned moves.

More to come.

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One thought on “Northern Campaign, Last Blitzkrieg

  1. Hey Kev,

    Good analysis. The challenge in LB is always go West and go fast.

    You also point to Prepared Defense. PD makes a big difference in how easy it is to drive a defender from his position. One small correction, 2nd Infantry Division starts the scenario not in Prepared Defense.

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