No Trumpets No Drums snippet

No Trumpets No Drums #NTND going forward.

May June ’65.

NVA and Laotian forces work the roads and towns. Allies invest in hearts and minds. USMC is rebuffed from IIIC major town again.

Pol Pts down to 160. US currently loses 34 a turn, picks up 5 as of this turn.
Next Monsoon turn will see more VC placed and a continued build up of forces to accelerate the PP loss. At some point tho they will need to begin reducing investment in Cadres and start whittling away at the Hearts & Minds track.

Note: that for rules clarity and organization this rulebook gets a D-.  From what I can see this is almost a direct reprint with a focus on graphics updates only. A pity that the rules where not thought thru with an eye to modern standards, ease of play, an index, accessibility and clarity. Without the fan made detailed sequence of play we would be lost.

Full turn AAR’s will continue after our next session.

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