Next War Taiwan

From Playtest notes posted recently by Mitchells testers and Mitchell:

PRC achieved strategic surprise (by scenario), and, the U.S. decided to sit this one out although the Japanese intervened (both by International Posture Matrix).



The PRC quickly achieved and has more or less maintained Air Supremacy allowing them, to their  ultimate dismay, to land anywhere. The Southern beachhead was the initial landing as the Allies managed to knock the PRC back to Air Superiority in the landing turn.

Once it was clear that the Southern landing was progressing slowly, the PRC decided to split their effort and land in the north against a lightly defended Taipei. Unfortunately, the ROC quickly rushed reinforcements into the area, and, due to an inability to Clear the Ports, the PRC forces were unsupplied, isolated, and practically thrown off the island. Their follow-on forces have come in to the south, and they’ve abandoned the northern landing. 

Turn 7. This one turned out fairly well for the ROC so far, although now that the PRC is focusing on the other landing, things will quickly go south… I ended up picking this one up, but it was working well

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