7 thoughts on “Next War Korea [Notes]

  1. Really like the series. Haven’t played Collapse but did try Regime Change with the reality check rules (real effectiveness ratings for NK). It was fun driving North instead of south. Definitely some OCS flavor to the series. Mitchell Land is an OCS player from my understanding.

  2. I love the series but have not really fallen in love with the games.

    Taiwan – who cares. Not being a fan or air or naval combat, this one was an easy pass.

    Korea – I own and have had fun with, but you have to suspend several levels of reality to believe the NorKs are as good as portrayed (which of course they need to be to make this a fun game at all).

    India-Pak – thought I would live it better, but it becomes a slow grind wither due to awful terrain or awful armies.

    I’m hoping the Poland game will hit the sweet spot for me otherwise I’ll walk away from the series, sadly.

    • Thats a common complaint. Topic choice is not ideal. Tho with the Poland game coming out and the possibility of linkage to other areas… the world might be our oyster.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Kev! That “Loose Nukes” scenario is probably the most fun in any of those boxes. Kudos to Doug Bush (currently working on Red Storm for GMT) for coming up with that scenario.

    As an aside, I have, indeed, played a bunch of OCS.

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