Next Up?

SPI, CFS Hof Gap, Fifth Corps and BAOR series is packed up.

2014-06-14 12.05.54

Turn 1 End Situation

The BigBoard or desk is clear!

2014-07-13 21.12.50

What to play?

I am considering the following, most interested to least likely – GTS a Devils Cauldron one mapper scenario, it was suggested that I try one of the Paras scenarios.

Or  -Day of Heroes Campaign game.

Or- The long delayed start of La Bataille (Talavera),

Or Beyond Waterloo….?

2013-12-22 00.06.03


Something about grabbing a Bridge in DC! Or Something about grabbing some hostile Somalis?

2014-07-14 14.36.31

At this point I think GTS makes the most sense,  BW will require some heavy lifting, so that may slide a while yet. La Batt is ready to go, with extra counters set, rules read, but I feel the need for something lighter with Case Blue/GBII ongoing.

2014-07-14 14.36.15

I’ll need to re read some special rules for DC and dig around in this a bit too though….hmmm. I wonder how long Talavera will take to play?

2014-05-15 14.42.58

What say you folks?

Currently under way or about to begin via VASSAL:

2014-07-13 21.12.30

I have an opponent ready to play Expanded TME!

One keen to play OCS Reluctant Enemies (we have just a turn or so of a little GBII scenario to complete).


Supreme Commander not pictured is ready to go with Steve Arthur, and I am toying with playing Xenophon on the PC under the Zun Tsu tool.


Plus an oft delayed TME standard edition play thru still going. Oh and I am supposed to be playing Ralph Shelton @ Heights of Courage and starting a game with Judd Vance…Can’t seem to manage that though.

I read today of a gent playing 11….yes 11 ASL scenarios via VASSAL and play 2-3 times a week face to face.  My efforts feel paltry by comparison.

4 thoughts on “Next Up?

  1. The Devil’s Cauldron gets my vote.

    I have an idea for you, Kev, one that you’ve sort of hinted at over the last couple of years but never really taken on full force. I’d like to see you take one battle and then game the hell out of it using every system you can find.

    And, of course, I have the battle in mind: Waterloo. There are some great games, both large and small, of the two days of fighting. It’d be great to see you tackle them. I’ve got 7 or 8 different games of Waterloo if you’re interested.

  2. Mate, Great idea. I was doing it with Aspern Essling, but OSG was so bad I bailed on that…Now I’m trying to gird the loins for Talavera. Waterloo is a good choice. Maybe I could draw in some other suggestions also to create a list of battles to tackle. As I am going thru WWII chronologically I am trying to do at least 2 titles on each battle/topic or operation. Great idea.

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