Next title from HGN Games?

Well folks early pre production copies of Medieval arrived in Seattle to much oooh..ahhh and DAMN!!! You know this one – Medieval

When a team focus’s and pays attention to the details. It gets done right!

I wont steal HGN Games thunder, by sharing images of their first game. but I did learn that the next title to go into update, revision and re print might be this John Prados design: Spies!

Is this something you would buy with a full modernization?


One thought on “Next title from HGN Games?

  1. I’ve always loved SPIES! and felt that it could do with a facelift – graphics, and cards intead of chits. It’s a great game and I wouldn’t want to see it changed and made into a Euro. The original SPI cover art was superb, the TSR artwork not so much.

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