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Multi-Man Publishing
May 1, 2013

We just wanted to get you a quick update on our next game out, War of the Suns, and our Kickstarter campaign.

Lincoln’s War

Our first Kickstarter Campaign is coming to an end!

Only 24 hours to go!


This game has reached its pledge level, will be funded, and we have already started the manufacturing process to get this out in as timely a fashion as possible.

You may wish to pledge if you have any interest in the game. The minimum pledge level to receive a game is $70 (in the USA) which includes shipping!

This game will have a retail price of at least $90, not including shipping, when it becomes available after we fulfill our Kickstarter pledge obligations.

War of the Suns

This game is so close to being released we wanted to send out a status and a request.

Game Status: The boxes are done and in-house, the counters are at the die-cutters, and the rest of the paper parts (maps, rulebooks, player aid cards) are at the printers. This game should be ready to ship in a few weeks or less.

Please note: the contents have changed slightly from the preorder page! The game has 10 countersheets, not 12. And due to the size we’ve broken the rules and “playbook” into two separate booklets.

Request: Due to the unusual topic and sheer size of this game we have decided to go with a small (for MMP) print run. Chas, our ASL honcho and production manager, has posted: This is an (almost) last call to either get your War of the Suns pre-order in while you still can, or to please make sure your CC info is current so there are no issues when the time comes to charge your card.

Thank you once again for your continued support of MMP.


Brian Youse
Multi-Man Publishing

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