News from LNLP :

LNLP is putting ALL of the Lock’N Load titles back in to stock. All at once.

lnl_riverofperfume tactics

Games will be combined i.e. Forgotten Heroes and ANZAC attack, Falklands will be a stand alone module with a complete rule book, Normandy includes all of the titles in the Western European theater…..more goodness to come:

From David Heath:
Hello Everyone

Well here is some more good news, we just went and picked up all the following counter sheets over the last two days super long road trip.

5 counter sheets to Heroes of the Nam,
5 counter sheets to Heroes of the Motherland,
5 counter sheets to Heroes of Normandy,
3 counter sheets to Heroes of the Falklands,

We have not made new counters for Day of Heroes but it will also be back in stock as well.

Last two games in the Lock ‘n Load Tactical series having counters printed and cut are Heroes of the Gap (not sure yet of the new name) and Heroes in Defiance as well as a few other games but that is a secret for now.

This does not mean they are shipping tomorrow of course but it does mean VERY soon.


Super long drive but my youngest son Shane was a great co-pilot and kept me awake and my two older sons help me unpack the trucks. Very tired but we had a great time. The rest of the team has been putting Heroes of the Pacific games together and more will be shipping Monday.

God willing if my plan stays together this should be the first time in LnL history that all of the Lock ‘n Load Tactical series games will be in print and available at the same time. I will post some pictures and news to come.

Once again everyone we really appreciate your support.


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