New Video Blog on Wargaming

FushigiTerebi (You Tube handle), subscribed to my channel yesterday, I always like to see if people are posting stories or experiences about gaming when they subscribe, and its nice to say hi to each sub personally.
To my pleasant surprise FushigiTerebi is a brand new video blogger AND Brand new to Wargames to boot!!

After we chatted a little she has agreed to let me share her story here on The BigBoard. Please welcome her, and watch as she “finds her gaming soul”!
FushigiTerebi is starting with Fading Glory!
The Jena 20 series is a cool place to start. I think it will encapsulate many of the key concepts of wargaming and provide a solid framework for expanding horizons.
OH…She also has a cat, so this is perfect for the interwebz.

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