New Player Experiences with East Front OCS

It is still turn one [EDIT as of posting it is now Turn 3]. It maybe for a long time!
As we review, consider, decide and assess……yikes. My first notion is OMG I can move more than 1 hex! After the restrictions of Burma what a boon.
What a price!
Is it correct that a multi unit formation – is defined as say the 29th Motorized pays 1 SP to move all the units or 1T per unit using Truck or Track?

okie dokie!

This is the Guderians Blitzkreig scenario 5.2…. and boy does he have some opportunities. The Germans need 10 VPS to ‘win’

Now we know we can try and attack with all that infantry and capture Bryansk…. BORING. We got Panzers baby! That is the easy 5 VPs…right? Who is with me here?

It would be a lot more fun to try and capture Orel, Mtsensk and Yelets.  By the way why are the map colors different shades/

Rules misses: Organic trucks come loaded! SO you can slap an SP in them. Nice. That saves rail capacity.

All units in a multi unit formation must basically feed or draw from the same HQ. It can be ANY HQ, but the same one for all units. I screwed that up, but a review showed no out of bounds units.

The Forces North West of Bryansk shuffle forward, to keep the Soviets honest.

The First Cav angle South  of the Desna River, looking to meet up with the 29th Motorized. details here and to come.

The 3rd Pzr th goes hail mary deep and captures  a key town, at least I think its a key town…..:

8 thoughts on “New Player Experiences with East Front OCS

  1. In most games you can use 1 SP per multi unit division for the whole turn, 1 SP per phase for all indy units in reach. Otherwise pay per unit per phase.

    DAK bans the first two cost savings methods for that game only

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