New Patch on Flashpoint Campaigns

With the advent of the new patch for FP : Red Storm. Lots of good improvements.

My most recent PBEM and a solo effort however still struck challenges. It seems LOS is still an issue in some specific circumstances and the AI can be inordinately stubborn at times.


surely no LOS here….

Similarly the AI will stubbornly refuse to advance when 1 HQ step is left for a close assault.

They rather sit in stand off mode and fire away….15-20 times until it is killed.. how is the 1 vehicle so freaking hard to kill? In the meantime of course the enemy is stealing a march to the VP location. So… why doesnt the unit advance to close and melee? Why doesnt the enemy break off contact and run? Conversely when I order a unit into a suicide task it runs away…LOL…sigh.

Now despite all that there are many improvements. Arty is seemingly less deadly [thank God] to tanks and the game play feels a lot smoother. Some of the insane errors with LOS and AI  are much much better.

On a side note I was wondering about some of the control boxes in the UI. Enlarging the ones that take you into the game in dialog boxes and being able to scroll more easily in boxes when selecting game files would be a nice touch too. On Target Simulations has a facebook page,  and games are available on Steam. We can hope for a sale come Cyber Monday? Who knows. Worth getting for the WWIII boom boom on your PC.

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