New block sticker art and strategic map legend – Draft

As Vento Nuovo  Games approaches its launch date for Blocks in Afrika some revisions and details are being provided.

Earlier this year I shared some images of counter art, and potential box art. In particular naval units images were shown. Naval units add another dimension to the series and units are provided for both BiA and BitW. new_ships These new ship counters make the forces more readily discernible and provide clarity for players

To expand upon the game and allow for linkage to Blocks in the East & West a full set of political rules, strategic maps (one for using Naval forces and one if you choose not to) provide added depth to the series. stratmap_draft

Those of us who have long imagined fighting the war from 1939 to completion with this series set of rules will be able to do it with this final chapter of the War in Europe. In the near future we will share the final art work for the box lid!

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