Lesson learned sometimes looking at the map for a while will prompt an experiment.

Sometimes going for broke creates opportunity, or drives a poor reaction.

Often desperation is the mother of invention.

The Axis in the North had a choice, call it done thanks for playing or dig deep and find a way to isolate the Soviet city.

1st Panzer, and 19th Panzer drove deep into enemy territory. 7th Panzer saw an opportunity. It took the last of much needed supply and drove to encircle the lightly defended and unscreened Soviet extender!

Various units joined in to help. The Soviets had become a little lax it seems, not believing that the Germans would risk attrition rolls to surround the enemies supply line linkage.29dec_axis_surround


Yep Treebark, laying around in a pile of DG markers were the consumed TreeBark counters of the Soviet defense of Brynsk.

The Germans now put them to good use.

2-3 combats ensue, more details in the Battle Report forth coming.


One thought on “Never,Never,Never…..

  1. I have watched the majority of your videos for this game. I have to say I enjoy the way you describe how the game plays. Due to your videos (which I encountered on BGG) I have been looking into purchasing GB II and CB, however the price on CB is a bit steep.

    That being said, I saw your recent video about making a decision to continue playing or not. I think that decision rests solely with you, however I won’t be sad if the videos continue! 🙂

    The monumental task of videoing your progress for those of us who watch is appreciated.

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