Nervous Mr. Putin?

Nervous Mr. Putin? Or Evolution of NATO versus Warsaw Pact

Some stronger thematically layered simulations/games are required to capture this period of time. How very interesting when viewed thru a graphical lens.
Some of the current crop of Resurgent Russia games don’t really do justice to the situation let alone the technology, tactics and military theory of both sides.
This map highlights to us the dramatic change in European alliances. A geopolitical game would be very interesting on this topic. 

Vox a decidedly left leaning site promotes this grim narrative. Which ignores a lot of key factors in and around real air power, economics and of course logistics. It is of course the Thermonuclear war version where we all die:

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  1. I recommend finding and reading Jack W. Nicholson’s article “NATO’s Land Forces: Strength and Speed Matter”. It’s an interesting counterpoint to the above.

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