NDC_T2 INTEL Results

[NATO DIVISION COMMANDER Game Turn 2 Intel Report prior to Barrage/Move-Combat Phase]


Day H+3 0100


TO: 1/8, 2/8, 3/8

Commanders due to precipitation our data is less granular.

Confused report and signals intercepts are not meshing with on the ground reporting.

Enemy 27th Mot. is pressing E4 road in strength 1/8 is in early contact.

2/8 has encountered recon elements of 7th Guard Tank. But we have signal intercepts indicating 7th is following 27th.

3/8 Command was relieved of Duty. Col. Hatfield is taking Conners place. We are unclear what is wrong with Conner. STAY Focussed.

Out best opportunity to slow the Soviets to to attack.

INTEL has identified 2-3 prime targets.

search T2


Note all Soviet UNITs without a Intel marker on them are Intel 4 [full data, T/O level etc]

1/93 from 27th Infantry is in the woods and could be attacked by 4/59 from 1st Brigade.

So two could 2/28 attack the 2nd Battalion from 93rd.

2014-04-10 19.32.43

1/39 from 2nd Brigade can prevent retreat by heavy screening of the rear of 93rd Regiment. 2014-04-10 19.33.01

Plan these attacks and execute ASAP. We must make the Soviets pause here .

Meanwhile Sectors F4./5 show activity but sketchy details. Our 2 remaining companies in the area reports being surrounded but not attack..yet.

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