NDC Turn 6 …wow.

A very interesting turn of events.


Reports are coming in of heavy fighting and  combat along two axes. 1/39/2/8 is attempting to hold the highway south of Route 49.

The 25th Brigade of the 7th Guards tank attacks them in the forest. Light Rain and Chemical weapons  wreck havoc despite heavy air and arty support. 1/39 in disarray retreats.

The Soviets over run the position. There is no follow up attack however. 2014-05-09 18.13.58 Further North on Route 49. After heavy combat the situation has stabliized. Combat forces are MOPS equipped as a result of quick reporting from Brigade command!

The 94th Brigade forces are stopped on the Bundestrasse 49! Nominal losses on both sides as rain and MOPS equipment mitigates Chemical weapon usage. (2nd attack is +3 Modifier versus +5 for the first). The Soviet forces halt their attacks in the sector!

Total Soviet losses to date  based on signal reports are pegged at approximately a full regiment across the two divisions plus more than 5 Battalion sized units with less 50% strength.  Several battalions are reduced by a third of at start capacity. We have broken the offensive capabilities of the 2 Divisions. 2014-05-09 18.14.06 US force losses are within acceptable ranges and in fact are lighter than expected.

The Soviet forces have retreated  to the east. It is expect that reinforcements will be due within 12 hours. By that time Frankfurt REFORGER elements will be on the ground.

Good work Zeller. You held off 2 Divisions with 8th Mech. your men should be proud. Rotate 3rd Brigade into combat and dig in.

We expect that another push is forthcoming. 2014-05-05 10.49.19 ============== END FLASH======================== The Umpire concedes that the Soviet forces cannot possibly achieve their objectives.

Lets look at the Soviet game plan:

The non player force decide to use Admin Mode as their default mode of movement. Their objective was to Exit 7th Tank via Giessen. 27th  Mot. Div entered the map in two column formation in Sector F8. 7th entered H8. Sectors G and H formed the ir operational boundaries, except for the scouting ruse to the North.

The lead columns were led by 91st Reg in column 1 and 92nd in for Col. 2. The 93rd and 94th regiments were not to be committed until losses reached 33% in the lead elements, i.e. TO of 4. The 25th regiment of Guards Tank would lead off and no wave two elements would be committed until 50% losses were absorbed.  If losses across the board hit 50% the 7th would divert to sector F1 and attempt to exit there (running thru via CAPPEL). NDC_t2_searchUS Despite some operational snafus, the Soviet fighting machine performed poorly when counter attacked. If it was able to surround an enemy it could take out a larger force, at significant cost. The ability of the NATO/US force to crank along in Tactical Mode with impunity was a significant advantage.

The tank units attacked with a 7 factor, meaning that had a +3 or 4 benefit from the get go. Only leadership rating let the US down. The other significant element that is exposed in this title is the use of abstracted Air, Signals, Engineer and Arty was massively one sided.

The ability to interdict units, that might attempt break thru, or pound roads to slow movement was a boon.

The biggest advantage was seen however in the use of Final Protective Fire and offensive barrage in attacks. This was nearly always worth at least 2 shifts in the combat differential. I’m ready to play this again! I’d like an opportunity to refine the Soviet attack, manage fatigue better and try and layer in the final advanced rules for ‘Perception’ and local leadership.

I think in broad strokes I ‘get’ how to run the US forces. The Soviets need more thought and care.

2 thoughts on “NDC Turn 6 …wow.

  1. It looked fairly grim when the initial line was being pierced and the recon elements were cut off. I think the decision to assume the thrust was in the center and divert most of the brigade in the north to support was key, as it gave the US the reserves to be able to commit to a mid-game counterattack.

    The last vote or so I was less worried about matters and while I wasn’t sure about the attacks you proposed I was more concerned about getting mixed up in a furball than breaking up an attack. The mission is to defend.and I figured that too many tactical attacks could compromise that due to fatigue, losses, or engagement if the Soviets tried some late flank movement.

    Thanks for the great session I know it is a lot of work on your part, Kev.

    • The process was fun. I enjoyed the tension that I think was generated. Lots of things could be done better. I’d hope for the next one to do somethings differently.
      The attacks were one option for sure. Taking a low cost chance to counter attack on units in Hasty Attack mode was worth it with the now deeper defense.
      NOT doing anything was also a good option.
      I think SOV effort was a bit sub par, but they will do better next time!

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