NDC End Turn1 1800 Day H+2

DAY H+2 1800

From Gen. Zeller

To: V Corps

Action today was intense with admirable fighting by the  men of 3/8/8. Companies 1 thru 3 took a pounding today.  We do not expect 1/3 to be able to retreat.

 NDC2014-04-10 10.49.43

We have built a solid picture of the Soviet strength and locations. Both 17th Mot. and 7th Guard Tank are engaging our men.

Soviet Air is pound the roads and forcing progress to a crawl for all forces attempting to use the E-4. Our own air invested heavily in Interdiction along the E-4 and likely approaches. We need Air Superiority ASAP.

NDC2014-04-10 08.41.48

Other companies in the area managed to disengage with the enemy and are conducting a fighting withdrawal.

1/3 was unable to disengage from the Soviet forces.  They are attempting to dig in @ Homsburg. I fear the worst for them.

2nd, 3rd companies crawled away but were unable to reach prepared positions as of 1800.  While 4th company has re positioned successfully to a line along Laubach- Lauter [Sector J4] in a screening position.

NDC2014-04-10 08.37.27

1/8 has not advanced as far as we hoped. They are stuck on the E-4 short of their objective.  We re directed 2/28 from Marburg to support the 69th Battalion and 1/8 HQ, due to their interdiction and perceived threat.

With the early arrival of 2/8 they have taken up a defensive position across the river South of Cappel. This leaves no line of retreat for 1/3/8/8, they are out of range of HQ support at this point also.

2014-04-10 08.37.15

2 Bns from 2/8 have been attached to Col. Munch of the 1/8 and rushed to reinforce the Soviet main thrust up the E-4.

2/8 Brigade Force mix.:

NDC2014-04-09 18.28.03

3/8 Brigade has been instructed to push up ASAP. If 3/8 arrives in time AND 1/3/8/8 is still standing in the next 8 hours I will press a battalion their way to attempt to relieve them.

Is there any chance 3rd Div can offer support?


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