NDC- 0800-1200 HR Poll #1 and AAR

FLASH 0500
TO: B.General Adams [1/] Giessen
Intel reports heavy traffic East of you entering area bounded by Alsfeld to Lauterbach.
Positive ID of 27th Motorized in Strength. 7th Guard Tank in strength.

NDC1-2014-04-04 18.39.14

FROM B.General Adams
To: Company Bravo 3/8

Please confirm reports of troop movements in your area G5.
Alert for high speed approach along the E-4 highway.
Good luck, go live.


“Yo Donovan, Adams wants a SITREP, says there is confirmed trouble coming our way along the E-4. What should I do? ”
The last 65 minutes had been a blissful slumber on the back of the warm M113 command vehicle. The first real sleep in 30+ hrs, thought the company commander as he replied stretching and immediately cracking an elbow “@W#$% IT!!” He roared.

“Why you yelling at me?” Said the Comms specialist

“Make me some damn coffee, rouse the boys, lets prepare a little welcome party ready, just in case our West Point one star is right this time. Send 2 squads down the road a little further and lets see if we get any takers on a Dragon Sandwich”


From Company Command
To : B.Gen Adams

Enemy engaged in ambush on E-4.
7 BMPs and 1 PT destroyed. Enemy retired to woods East of our screening position.  Ammo replenishment will be required today.
2nd Platoon reports heavy traffic noise coming from Route 49.

NDC2014-04-07 13.46.43

From Company Command
To : B.Gen Adams

Request release from positions. Under heavy attack by tanks supported by infantry of approximately Battalion sized strength.
Losses include 2 M113’s, 10 KIA and 12 WIA.
Moving to Location Bravo.

NDC2014-04-07 17.09.55

From Company Command
To : B.Gen Adams
Alpha Company is partially engaged with 2 full battalion of Soviet forces in Homberg. Maulbach is in Soviet hands.  I have one platoon pinned down, require support.

NDC2014-04-07 17.09.49

From Company Command
To : B.Gen Adams
Company C has 2 Bns of Guards tank infantry dismounting in preparation for attack in Ruppertenrod.

Recommend Retire to Location B for them also.

All forces partially engaged. We will attempt to fight our way back to Location Bravo. Enemy is attempting to pin and encircle. We need Air support and arty ASAP.

NDC2014-04-07 17.10.01




NDC2014-04-08 10.22.34


Company L is partially engaged and needs to change mode for better defense.

Extended formation J is in trouble, with 2 step losses.

Bad News:  Forces cannot leave the eZOC of the enemy unless is via: retreat or a Relief/Infiltration mode.

So they will likely need to stand and fight. However they can attempt to drop out of DZ mode and go Mobile Defense (MD).

This will  collapse the companies back to one unit and give them good benefits in Defense + a nominal movement rate.

Company D (right side of map) is partially isolated, but can possibly hold for one more turn to thwart a flanking drive by 7th Armoured.  Or it could support Company K by moving to J4 Sector.

More Bad news, units need to be within range of a HQ for Air support and Arty etc for Final Protective Fire. That range is 10 hexes. The 1/8 HQ MUST move this turn.

Moving it reduces available Combat Support by 50%.

Reinforcements arrive Turn2 and Turn 3, It is unknown at this time if further enemy forces will enter the battle space.

Question 1# Convert to MD or Stand for L and J? 

Convert to MD or Stand?

Question 1.1# Leave Co. K where it is or move to J4?

Leave Co. K where it is or move to J4?

The 1/8

1/8 has 3 Battalions – Do you move to support units on Route E-4? Or take up alternate blocking positions behind the 3/8 on E-4. Click thru for details close up.



Question 2:  Suggested Moves and mode for 1/8

Choose a mode for 1/8 Battalion- Tactical Mode or Admin with higher chance of losses if attacked. 🙂

Question 3: 2/28nd to: Sector F3 Mardorf

MOVE for 1/8: The 2/28nd moves to Sector F3 Mardorf

Question 4 2/87th to: Sector  J3 Welterfeld

MOVE for 1/8: The 2/87th to: Sector J3 Welterfeld

Both Tactical Mode limited downside, but reduced movement rate 4/69 th is your potential hole filler and or counter attack unit with a powerful 7 combat factor where to be most effective?

Question 5: 4/69 th to:  situate with HQ 1/8 OR a location per comments section here in this post – add your comment.

MOVE for 1/8: 4/69th situate with HQ 1/8

Question 6: HQ to Weitershain? Y/N

MOVE for 1/8HQ to Weitershain? Y/N

HQ 1/8 will be in mobile mode next turn with half CSP available:


I just realized perhaps you are not supposed to be using so much for intel until the DIV MAIN HQ arrives? Doah…

We will adjust for turn 2.

Unless a strong comments thread otherwise US forces will retain CSP for Final Protective fire and opportunistic Interdiction., US has 4 Interdiction available.  E4 will be the focus of the use of those attacks unless other wise noted, in the Soviets second turn.

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