NATO Division Commander -Scn play in London part 2



For the next scenario we played we tried the Soviets on defense. This would be no cake walk. After the last match I had some scores to settle!

You can read part one here

2015-11-09 18.56.05

The Third Division ready to race to the rear of the Soviets. Massive Air and Arty support is allocated!




2015-11-09 19.47.43

The two side force Arty and helos into the fight and the 3rds best armour leads the way!2015-11-09 20.02.39

At the start of turn two it is clear that the US is taking a two prong approach, then merging into one road train. Can the Soviets race forces to cover the gaps behind screening forces? If they need to change mode they are hosed.

2015-11-09 20.54.45


2015-11-09 21.15.47

Breakthrus everywhere… damn I’m tired. The Triple Zone screen flexes and looks close to breaking.

Phew.. dinner time!

2015-11-09 21.41.05 2015-11-09 21.46.20

We had a few pints while playing. It was now 930 pm. That is the face of a hungry man, a jet lagged man!

2015-11-09 21.50.00

I tried a decent number of these. Was I really walking back to the hotel. Doah.2015-11-09 23.21.44

He has the boxed edition! Daaaaamn… 🙂

2015-11-09 23.26.50

Pressing for all they are worth on the right flank (bottom of map), The Soviets take battalions from their right and drop them back at key junctions, to prevent exploit if there is a break thru. At this point it is easy for either side to make mistakes….(see above Whiskey list)

2015-11-09 23.37.20 2015-11-09 23.53.43

Coat of arms for the club.

2015-11-10 00.10.00

The US crank hard on the Soviet double/triple zone units and force breakthrus. These actually help the Soviets as they cost more to move thru…:). This combined with Interdiction markers fouls up the US movement and the advance stalls.

With many of the US team now at Fatigue level two the odds start to slide to the Soviets and attacks inflict heavier losses on the US!

2015-11-10 00.20.11

End of Turn 4 my erstwhile opponent Michael concedes to the might of the defense, and the hour of the night. Its 1AM. We are both weary, and have been playing for about 11 hours.

One thing I will say about this game is the defense does have a bit of an easier time of it. In this scenario I think Soviets should be made to stay in position unless they spend  point lots of command pts to change formation and hit admin mode. Being able to scoot across the map slowly in other modes freed up CSP for thwarting NATO movement. Making it harder to break the Soviet defense down.

Farewell to the Clive room for now!2015-11-10 00.35.59

6 thoughts on “NATO Division Commander -Scn play in London part 2

  1. ‘If you change mode you are hosed,’ apology, in advance if I got it wrong, typing by phone is never easy.

    I think you cut to the heart of the matter– changing modes is really something best left to pre battle planning or else a last ditch only thing that can save us maneuver.

    I really wish more games delved into this. All too often it is very easy to run units all over the map with no penalty incurred.

    Whatever else one thinks about NDC, they got this right.

    • For sure Ron.I agree, there are many things done well here. Fatigue ( which I see is a new element to the MMP BCS series), Command point s for mode change, Combat as a part of movement, discrete Combat support points with multi functional roles (forcing choice of use) etc.etc.etc.

  2. Whups, forgot to add this: now that I’ve googled the Latin (and added ‘London club’ to the search) and discovered that you were playing in the Army-Navy Club!!! all I can say is that I have had a glimpse of Heaven.

    Good show all around and VERY good choice of game to play in such a prestigious location.

  3. Nice to see this game get some play, and in such swanky surroundings.
    I’ve always thought the Fifth Corps/ Hof Gap/ BAOR series of games that appeared in S&T magazine was an effort to cut NATO Division Commander down to size; concepts like Friction Points dominate the game, and combat is part of movement too. There are no elaborate “mode” rules but there are some requirements that mimic them.
    Charles Kamps, who designed these games, also worked on the development of NDC so I think there’s more than a chance connection.

    However, the two post-SPI games (Donau Front and North German Plain) dumbed it down too far in my opinion.

    • Stay tuned. I hope to play a revised FIFTH Corps game play on VASSAL if I can find a dude to add the newest updated counters to a VASSAL module. Otherwise I am going to play it on my table at home. My friend Steve and I have our eye on it after Ardennes 44 is played

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