Nations At War: Line of Fire #9 Normandy Campaign Scenario 1

Line of FIre #9 Normandy Campaign Scenario 1  by Andy Cowen from BGG: (aeneas2467)

The drop didn’t go great. All the platoons are disrupted except one platoon in Q08 and the HQ platoon in J07. Also, because of the night rules all the paratrooper platoons are out of command at the start. The Americans must capture both hexes of Kruispunten.

Situation at beginning of game:

Turn 1 Both sides guaranteed activation for first turn.

Activation: 507 PIR, Btl107

507 PIR American paratrooper platoon in Q08 fails out of command check. HQ and platoon moves south into woods at J08 to put units in command range.

Btt107: Infantry on patrol in O08 assaults disrupted paras in M08. Germans get two hits, American on hit. German Infantry disrupted one American reduced, reduced American eliminated, paras retreat to L09. Puma then overruns disrupted paras in L09. Germans get 3 hits and destroy paras, but paras go down fighting and roll double sixes and disrupt and reduce Puma. A bad opening turn for the Americans, two platoons destroyed.

Situation at end of Turn 1:

Turn 2
Activation: EOT, Btl107 507 PIR, EOT

Blt 107: Infantry in M08 rallies, Puma in L10 also rallies. Puma then overruns American paras in J10. Germans get two hits American platoon destroyed, Americans get no hits. Infantry in M08 moves into woods in N08. The Germans are looking to turtle given the heavy casualties inflicted on the Americans.

507 PIR Out of command para platoon activates. That platoon moves from Q08 to woods and close assaults the German platoon. Americans get one hit, Germans none, Germans disrupted and retreat toward town. So, the American HQ, leader and platoon have three choices; they can assault the Puma, they can charge into the town and try to close assault or they can move behind the woods to set up an assault for next turn. It seems like the best chance to win for the Americans is charge the town, “Want all… Risk all”.German op fire gets two hits, Americans fail their save(they get one because it is night). Americans disrupted and reduced. If the Americans don’t activate first next turn, they are toast.

Situation at end of Turn 2:

Turn 3
Activations: 507 PIR, EOT, EOT

507 PIR Americans in L07 Rally! They then continue their charge and advance for close combat, both sides get two hits, American disrupted and destroyed, German disrupted and reduced. The paras in N08 then follow their brothers and charge in to try and finish off the Germans in the town(M06). Americans get two hits, Germans one. The Germans are destroyed and the Americans are disrupted. The Americans catch a break and the Germans don’t activate.

Turn 4:
Activation: EOT, 507 PIR, Blt. 107, EOT

507 PIR American platoon rallies. Assaults second hex on the town(N06). Germans roll snake eyes! and Americans get three hits KIAs the German infantry platoon and HQ. American paratrooper elan has won the day. The Americans will get ten replacement points for capturing the town by the end of turn 3; which they are going to need given the casualties they’ve suffered.

Btl 107: The disrupted German infantry can’t rally without an HQ. So, all the Germans have is the Puma, which does activate and moves toward the American paratrooper platoon in Q08(who evidently has been drinking Norman brandy the whole game)

Situation at end of Turn 4:

Turn 4
Activation: 507 PIR(Pass), Blt 107, EOT, EOT

Blt 107: Puma fails to activate.

Turn 5
Activation: Blt. 107, EOT, 507 PIR, EOT

Blt. 107 Puma fails to activate

507 PIR Secures town, doesn’t want to risk the Puma slipping back into town

Turn 6
Activation’s: EOT, Blt. 107, EOT

Blt. 107: Puma activates overruns disrupted paras in Q08 and destroys them.

End of game situation:

Well the Americans won, but at heavy cost. Only one platoon survived the night. This is a fun scenario, but a lot depends on the initial dispersal rolls by the American. If the Americans get lucky and their HQ is within command range of the other platoons and if the other platoons haven’t been reduced, the Americans will have an easy time. Otherwise, it will be tough, vicious fight. I love the ebb and flow of the NaW system. The command system is elegant. The chit pull mechanic adds a lot of tension to the game. The Germans appeared to have an easy win but the Americans were able to claw their way back by getting timely activation’s.

[Just realized that I made a rule mistake. Out of command units can attempt to rally with a +1 modifier to their roll]

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