Napoleon’s got Nothing…Oct-Nov 1941

TSC_Nov-Dec Start41Yes, due to a quirk with the Italian early entry, the domino effects continue. The capture of Italian cities caused their collapse. Mussolini entered the war too early and we can imagine a coup d’etat taking place.

The Allies use Italy as a base to reinforce France in the first instance then apply diplomatic pressure forcing Yugoslavia to join the war just one turn after Hungary and Romania join the Axis.

Rapid attacks on the last clear weather month of ’41 sees the capture of Budapest and the collapse of Hungary.  Sadly they miss the window to snag Vienna.

Attack of Budapest

Attack of Budapest

All along the Muese the French, Belgian, English and Italians absorb losses and throw more men into the breach.  Forcing several armoured losses in follow on combat from the Axis.


With Mud now prevalent across the map, the combat operations of both sides ebb away.

In the East Soviets continue the build up of armour.  The French open dialogue with Turkey to allow pressure to be applied to the Southern Flank of the Romania forces.

While the The Supreme Commander generally follows a historical flow, this game has produced some alt history that is still in the realm of plausible all things considered. The key problem was the early entry of Italy, combined with their fleet being sunk by the over powering Navy of England. This opened the door to a quick invasion of Italy with a few corps, at the expense of the French defenses. The Axis did not see the conditions for surrender when Italy is brought in early.

We decided to continue with the game rather than reset to see what might happen. This is the result!


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