My Afghanistan tour 2010-2011

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Copies of the book can be ordered from this email  to – Michael Vallance  @ $10 /copy + modest shipping fee. The $10 goes direct to .

Its a page turner, fast action and well written diary that feels as if you were right there on stag with him.

What is 353?
Conrad Lewis served with 3 Para in Afghanistan 15 Oct 2010 to 9/2/2011 [Note in reading I say 2 Para]

Prior to going to Afghanistan he served in the battalion fire support group in the machine gun platoon, becoming proficient in all of the units heavy weapons
He served in A Company 3 Para and was deployed as part of a platoon of up to 30 men in Check Point Qudrat in Nad E Ali district, Helmand Province.
He was a fully trained lead scout taking up a regular point man position at the front of his patrol out into the rural and village locations in his area of operations. 
Sadly on 9 Feb 2011 he and his comrade Private Lewis Hendry were shot and killed by a Taliban Sharpshooter about 1 km outside his base .
He was repatriated back to the UK and is buried in the village of Claverdon near Warwick
In his memory the family set up the 353 Charitable Trust , named because Conrad was the 353rd British soldier to die in Afghanistan.
To date his family and friends have raised over £505k GBP in his memory . He has left a very strong legacy on place.
See the site here
This book I am reading from  is about the men from 3 Para. This is a mans diary kept for his children.





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