Multi Man Publishing Update for those that want their gear!

A quick note from Perry on BGG:
“Lincoln’s War Kickstarter fulfillments will start shipping REAL soon.

Last Chance for Victory will ship hard on the heels of that.

Rumor has it that Black Friday sale _may_ come a bit early.

Reluctant Enemies should be ready after all of the above clears out of the way.

Decision at Elst is ready to publish as soon as it hits its P# (which is a bit high to accommodate a low price with a big print run).

In an effort to optimize some print runs, some components for Storm Over Dien Bien Phu have been printed, so so nor be surprised to see that in the near term.

Plus some ASL stuff in time for Winter Offensive.

TME II, VCS Salerno, and OCA Korea shortly thereafter.

I hope.”
2013-11-01 19.19.24

I’ve noticed that ONCE items are ready to be printed, that MMP is pretty good on its forecasting of shipping and delivery. However, getting any of that data is a rare thing.
So this update is welcome.
Current as of 8th of November 2013.

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  1. It is the State Motto of South Carolina. Had it beaten into my head during my first year at The Citadel.

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