Moscow ’41 Early Bird special

The Kick Starter Campaign link!
m41Game pieces and units:
The game will retail for 60 Euros its available along with some extra stickers for 45 Euros for the first 41 hours. Git ya some!!! I had the first order – Whoot!
The Kick Starter Campaign link! it just launched an hour ago!




The intro video above!

Run from the Dnieper and conquer Moscow. You get to fight from August thru December ’41.

Look for a a nifty expansion to take it into February 1942 with all sorts of groovy new units!

One of the exciting aspects of the game you might not see covered elsewhere is the attention to geographic detail!

The game map is taken from the Wehrmacht planning maps, with lots detail. A digitally hand drawn recreation in exacting detail!

The game also provides additional geographical historic flavour and accuracy. For instance Orel is the right size depicted as its historically accurate 19,000 population and thus the right impact!  Smolensk, its Castle and most of the city is on the correct side of the river!  Finally the Valdai hills…are depicted as they were a plateau. This will inform your views, and insights of the history.

I hope to get the rules to review ASAP. When I do I will report back.





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