More Than Bargained For! 19th Nov ’41 snippet [CB/GBII]

O’ to the M and a G! = OMG.

I had recently begged for mud to go away. For the frosts of General Winter to come!!!

Bring it on. At least I shall move again I thought.

Move what again?

The header image is the dead piles of Nazi Armour Battalions.

When the first Moderate or Deep Freeze hits EVERY armoured Battalion or unit with a yellow symbol rolls a 1d6.

I just did this and tabulated the results:

2014-05-14 19.25.00

The horror. Every 1 or a 2 is a dead unit.

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F$%$^^ing Mind? I rolled 80 dice ( I only needed 60 in the end) of the 80, 29 were kills. Thank God the losses dropped to 15 on 60 rolls. Just under 33%.


Then depression set in.

I’m taking a day. Then I’m going to get angry, and open a big old can of whoop ass on the Soviets. I think perhaps I’ve been too….shall we say gentlemanly.

To dignified.

Damn the losses.

Screw the husbanding of resources for 1942.

In 15 minutes we lost more Germans unit than the Soviets have inflicted by a factor of oh….  dunno 500%.


3 thoughts on “More Than Bargained For! 19th Nov ’41 snippet [CB/GBII]

  1. Hm, 15 out of 60 is exactly 25%, not 30% or just under 33%…
    So in the end you got lucky as 33% losses were to be expected if you need to roll a 1 or 2 on a d6…

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