Monster Games how do you play them?

In the latest frenzy to have BIGNESS. Lombardy Studios & 626 Designs looks to outdo perhaps even GTS with massive scale.

While we cant tell hex size here it looks like the reboot of Streets of Stalingrad – now Version 4 is shooting to be a monsters monster.

Lots of comments on BGG are gushy and awed. Quickly followed by cant wait to play on VASSAL….. I can hear the head shell on the tone arm from the record player SCREEECHING ACROSS my mind… WHAT!!!

You are going to shell 120-200+ $$$$ for a game you intend to play on Vassal.

Which leads me to my question:

How do you play your monster games [3 plus maps] ?


So tell me how you play your monsters.

It seems to me to be a very expensive way to game some of these situations and an expensive way to pay for what is in essence a PC based version of the game that either requires you play solo or you play opposed via email.

I understand we have the luxury of VASSAL for opposed play. I love it! It opens worlds up to us. I’m specifically interested in the thinking about buying a game for the express purpose of playing on VASSAL and no intention of playing with physical components. Seems like a shame. It also seems like an opportunity for game publishers and or designers.





10 thoughts on “Monster Games how do you play them?

  1. Been playing monster games from AH Blitzkrieg/SPI Strategy 1 to GRD Europa series-always on a large or multiple tables. You need to stand and see….then panic.

  2. I play any way I can with anyone in can. I do prefer face to face assuming we can get together relatively frequently.

  3. I think it’s important to note the comment accompanying this picture about there being no actual plan to produce this game, no time frame, no contract, no Kickstarter planned, no nuthin’

  4. Playing physically with a map that big (5′ – 0″ across) means standing up for your turn so that you can reach your counters. Ouch! My back is already aching.

  5. I see the “no plan to produce it” comment above. Confirmed? Is it worth saving up to try and get a 3rd edition?

  6. For Chris Buhl (August 2015 / / posting)

    Actually, the contract for “Street of Stalingrad ④” was sign this month. You should start to see hints and tidbits in 3 or 4 months from now. I am guessing it will be out in the first half of 2017. Our current direction is that it will be release via crowdfunding, most likely Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

    As so many people (forum posters, trolls, bored housewives … ) start to jump the gun when gaming projects are in production, our wording was selected to be vague. Even at the two closed-door NDA gatherings we hosted this year, where we opened with this follow statement;

    “this is an evaluation/feasibility presentation of Street of Stalingrad ④ and no funding, no timeline, no price or commitment has been made at this time”

    Guess what the first question that was asked, “When is SOS4 coming out and how much will it cost?” Bullet to the head!

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