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Items I found noteworthy –
IGS/GTS Update  A Victory Awaits

If you know A Victory Lost, you won’t have any trouble with A Victory Awaits. Lots of game play but also one of the lightest rules loads of any Barbarossa game in a very long time. A Victory Awaits is actually three games in one! You can play just the Army Group North, Central, or South games, or play all three at once in a grand Barbarossa scenario!

Playtesting indicates this is a solid game and worthy addition to the IGS line of games. We hope to add this to the preorder page soon!

Question becomes for the above. Do we need another Barbarossa game? Do we need another Bulge game….How many are enogh and how do we tell which are worthwhile?

On that note:

The Last Stand

Masahiro Yamazaki is busy finishing up the art for The Last Stand. Mas’ games traditionally have a great classic look and feel and The Last Stand lives up to that tradition. Mas feels this is his best work ever in 20 years of designing, so you can expect a game you will be very happy to have in your library. This should be going out to gamers shortly!

The fighting around Moscow 41-42. Once again, why do I need this game. The information here is sorely lacking. I’ll need more than a famed designers best effort. Operation Typhoon at a manageable scale with the AVL system:

I am not sure I am going to support this GTS title. I’ll be waiting on the Pacific Island adventures. I dont know that I need a 5 mapper of the battle for Crete…. 5 maps… really. I will be ordering the OMAHA GTS title to finish off that set, but there too, I feel that these are monsters for monster sake. Why not break some of these up into 2 or more modules? Even Operation Mercury really does not need to be this big and we dont cover the whole island anyway.

Operation Mercury

Operation Mercury: The Invasion of Crete in our Grand Tactical Series covers everything from the major airdrops to the last major fight during withdrawal. Features five (5!) full-size maps, two half maps and two quarter maps to cover all the action with eight countersheets. Operation Mercury will also feature the latest GTS series rules. On preorder NOW!

One title I will be anticipating  that is not as frequently covered is Kasserine Pass for the BCS system:

Kasserine (BCS)
The second game in the Battalion Combat Series series will contain two maps covering the first serious ground fighting by US forces against Nazi Germany, Feb 14 through 23, 1943.
While this is undeniably a US loss, popular ideas of how ‘easy’ it was are mistaken.
The loss, as it was, was more the product of bad leadership at the corps level, than it was with the troops. The Axis attack has difficult goals… ones they were not able to accomplish.
This game will have a more manageable scale than Last Blitzkrieg. Hopefully the system will be more accessible via this medium.
So beside all that there is a large ASL update and more details on the next rationally sized SCS title called Panzer Battles.
I’m not likely a buyer but do acknowledge that this is a great buy for those seeking to make an entry into wargaming that is a step up from Command Colors, Memoir ’44  or lighter fare. A true Standardized system that is entry level focused, but has enough meat on it for folks that are just seeking a solid fast playing hex and counter game.
Hard to beat for $36.

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