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Get your game at preorder prices:

ASLK#1 is back in stock
And of course I am eager to see the new TME. Which offers a novel way to play out the game including the Eastern Front as of 1944.

“Make sure you celebrate the upcoming D-Day anniversary by getting your preorder in now for The Mighty Endeavor EXPANDED Edition, the newest edition of our popular Standard Combat Series game.

Ensuring both players have plenty to do, one player controls forces of the Western Allies and East Front Germans, while his opponent controls Russian and West Front German forces. Players compete to see which group of Allies can conquer as much German territory as possible while using their German forces to stop the opposite front.
Eastern Map:

The Mighty Endeavor EXPANDED Edition features 2 poster sized maps and one small extension map, 2 sheets of counters and three rulebooks.

We expect preorder for this game to end soon, so, make sure you place your preorder soon!”

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