MMP Fall sale

Take a look here  for sales on ASL related product, OCS sales and other stuff.

Things of note:

The almost playable War of the Suns now $88 dollars down from 160, which is less than what I pre ordered it for….You will need to spend money to print new rules and errata as it is still a work in progress after 10 years. But as either a. an Operational Level game on a not often covered topic or b. a collectors items its a steal.


Blurb: The war in China-India-Burma theatre is always looked at as through a veil; perceived as a backwater front of the far larger conflict that was World War Two.

Nevertheless, this war was vital to the final Allied victory in the Pacific, and even more so to the impact this war would have on the post-war world. Many “what-ifs” could have dramatically changed the world. What if China had surrendered in 1937 and over a million Japanese soldiers would be free to overrun India. There would be no Flying Tigers or Doolittle’s Raid, or even Pearl Harbor. If Japan could have mobilized Chinese manpower, the world as we know it might not exist

Angola, 2nd best multi player wargame ever – $42 down from 70. WIN.

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OCS – about 50% off… Dude . The Blitzkrieg Legend and Guderian’s Blitzkrieg 2nd edition $60 and $88 respectively.


TBL: You know you want it.

Pre_Exp_phast 10thMAY-TBL


GTS fans should be happy with $88 Where Eagles Dare!

Lots of discounts on SCS titles and Spec Ops magazines and all the miscellaneous ACW and IGS titles they can’t give away at least 50% off on all of those.

Finally most people wont agree but I think the NBS system is likely the best Grand Tactical system out. Grab Talavera, and Aspern Essling and if you can find it Austerlitz. Play with the updated rules. Its a blast.

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