Mercenary War 241 B.C.

Richard and I gathered to play Carthage recently. We just did the 5 turn Truceless War, not Agathocles as I previously posted.

Part 1:

241 B.C.

The  various chieftains, tribal leaders and mercenary generals concluded their secret dealings in the township of Sicca. Each departed after customary wine was shared from a single cup to signify their unity.

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It was time to strike back.

When Carthage called with coin and promise of plunder none could refuse. When Carthage  meted out their usual callous treatment they  earned both fear and respect.

When plunder was short and no payment forthcoming the time was at hand to make a stand and take what was earned rightfully.

The first Punic War was over and Gisgo had betrayed Libyan, Iberian Greek and Ligurian alike.

Punic Wars

General Spendius left Sicca Veneria for Memphrisa investing it quickly and suffering little by way of attrition.

Antaritus lay siege to Capsa and Matho’s forces approached but did not siege Sufetula. The late Spring weather was clear and dry and allowed for rapid movement across the territories of Carthago and Tripolitana.

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Libyan foot and even Cavalry joined the cause.

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The Carthaginians languished after much disagreement as to how to either pay the mercenaries or destroy them. Hanno (the Great) marched at an idle pce to Utica with a huge force including 50 Elephants.

News reached Carthage late in the year of Capsa falling to Antarius and large numbers of Libyans flocking to the ’cause’ . Spendius lost stragglers in his siege and hunkered down for the autumn.

End  241 BC

End 241 BC

240 B.C.

Hearing that Hamilcar was raising forces in Carthage Hanno launches an attack to life the Siege of Memphrisa. The battle is bloody and savage with Spendius massively out numbered. The Carthage Elephants [4x 9’s in a row] mash 25% of the rebel army. Further pursuit and butchery thins the ranks even more.

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But Carthage cannot be everywhere at once! Sufetula falls to Matho, more Libyans join the cause.

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