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  1. You’re onto something there, Kevin. Don’t apologize for having a visceral response to this. For my money, I really hate shiny, glossy maps, and MUCH prefer a dull matte finish on thick(er) paper. In addition to ink peeling and flaking along the creases, glossy maps tend to reflect overhead lighting (which may or may not be improved or exacerbated by plexiglass on top of them). The gloss adds absolutely NOTHING to play, it only detracts. And as colors in the modern printing milieu get ever more **saturated**, the problem gets worse and worse.

    I wonder aloud whether publishers pay EXTRA for high gloss, or if it’s the cheaper option and clouds better judgment with regards to game play. Either way, I would think it worth your while to send an open letter to all the game publishers you can and make them (more) aware of these aspects of quality control in their products. I’d love nothing more than to see the industry as a whole gravitate (back) to matte (or even, totally non-finished) papers for maps.

  2. A recent one I have that had a very bad issue with this was GMTs Dauntless. The colors were very dark to start and the creases really pop out. I ordered the deluxe maps just in hopes that it solves the issue.

  3. Good job. This a NOT a minor point, in an era when one pays 50-80.00 for a game. The maps should be sturdy enough to hold up under normal wear and tear without becoming maimed or discolored after minimal play. Compass needs to do better.

  4. At first, I was going to say “Glossy maps are fine!”, but then I went and took a look through several games and find that I am in agreement with you. The process of making a glossy map does seem to lead to the maps “chipping” for want of a better term. Great video.

  5. Even worse are the areas of double fold, i.e. map is folded in half then folded in half again. Some of those map “corners” split so that there is now a small hole in that spot where the map that’s got that double fold. (If that makes sense.)

  6. Also I prefer the matte finish such as the African Campaign map. The light reflecting on the plexi makes it shiny enough.
    As another commenter said, at $50-$90 per game one should expect a quality map. As well as the other components. Player aids, counters, rulebook.

    • No Richard I just want what I pay for to be A. new out of the box and not falling or peeling apart and B. be usable more than once. As the Company has stated this NEW format is their go forward print treatment . No doubt due to complaints akin to these. – Palaver that.

      • I really could care less about your BS!

        You don’t even know what palaver is !
        your ignorance shines through like the light of day!

        • Does your mom allow you to post, without reviewing what you type? We’re going to have to rat you out if you don’t mind your manners. If you wish others to respect your comments, try learning proper English grammar and syntax before going on the attack.

          • Dear sad and lonely in Austin. Thanks for the comment. I shall work on my grammar, as for my manners, mum gave up on that long ago.
            Your thoughtfully edited response was indeed a valuable lesson. Thank you for sharing.

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