Mantinea 362 B.C. Pivot Point in History

A Battle that still resonates through history to this day.


Many of you know the iconic story of Epaminondas,  and his touch on the fates of future Kings whose progeny who would ultimately destroy the State he fought so valiantly to protect.

He taught Phillip II the early art of tactics with combined arms forces. Which Alexander the Great son of Phillip II used to deadly effect against a recalcitrant Thebes. It was Epaminondas who innovated with Phalanx sizes, and formations.  The use of cavalry, and refused flanks.

He trained his mind, his men and wove victories against his enemies with ease. He was one of the last practitioners of the School of thought called the Pythagoreans.

Epaminondas was seen as a liberator for breaking the Spartan Hegemony that had come about at the conclusion of the Peloponnese War.  Factions changed, sides changed, cities and towns were betrayed.


Through all of this the man maintained his honour and lack of concern for material wealth and was above bribery.

“Another time, when the Persian king sent him thirty thousand darics, he chided Diomedon severely, asking him whether he sailed so far to bribe Epaminondas; and bade him tell the king, as long as he wished the prosperity of the Thebans, Epaminondas would be his friend gratis, but when he was otherwise minded, his enemy. “

-Plutarch Regum 71

When I approach conflicts such as these, so much is activated in my mind. Much more goes thru it than just the technical aspects of game mechanics. Or even the tactical execution to replicate or innovate on the history.  These titles generate an interest in the source texts, a re read of them and a desire to surf the web for new insights and images.


One can see the battle unfold in the minds eye, the heavy stomp of footsteps in unison, across the dry creek beds in the dead of summers day. The thunderous crash of shield on shield, as bodies of men pressed tightly together collide against others set into position . The horns and pipes. The grunts, groans and grieving of men, in their sweaty armour, shields gripped tightly, weapons held fast hands slick with nervous perspiration.

Watch the Video of the replay here

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