Making All Things Zombie even Better!


By Uwe Heilmann

Hello from Germany,

Variety is trump for a game system like AtZ.
There really is no limitation to turn each single game session into a new adventure.

It’s all in front of the player(s).

The game material provides 2 game boards, double printed. As each game board consists of 2 parts, this makes a total of 8 game board segments.
Those segments could be arranged in 24 different ways to produce an overall rectangular game board.

The overall number of possible arrangements of the segments within the rectangles built is astronomical.
Each game could be played on a different map board.

The game board is not the only parameter providing variety. Each scenario includes a specific set of conditions and values that may be modified for each game session. Here is an example.

Here is an example for game board level 4.

AtZ uses three different types of terrain: clear, rough, building.
Why not adding some Terrain counters (showing those terrain types) and using them to modify the fixed terrain a little bit. This way another level of variation is added to the game in a simple way. For each game a specific number of Terrain counters is drawn …

… then placed on the game board.

Some dice rolling will do the job.

For the upcoming game, a total of 16 Terrain counters was placed.

Apart from the terrain, the missions/scenarios have to be different also.
For the selected scenario, the main objective for the team is to find and activate a total of 8 demolition charges. Too bad, the plans were lost where exactly those DC were placed.
Adding some tokens representing the DC is no big deal.

The team has to check the assigned area of operation.
But there is more:

For each game board segment a specific basic number of Encounter (or Surprise) tokens is to be placed; mainly on building hexes. Those tokens are revealed as the survivors move close to them. They provide goodies as well as bad or very bad events, more zombies, challenges, etc.
Buildings … during each mission, the team might be tasked to check a few of those places (they may contain some important gadgets, intelligence, what have you).
Specific Building cards determine the objects randomly.

For this game, three buildings were determined where the team must take a close look (i.e. enter and search them). The team cannot win without achieving this secondary objective.

Those key locations provide some extra surprises for the team, of course. Small stacks of Encounter/Surprise tokens are placed there.

The team now has to develop a plan how to execute the mission. Where are those DC? Who checks the three key buildings? Who protects the team with precise cover fire? Will the team split up? And so on …
A visualization of a possible mental map.

The team will enter from the right side, then advance towards the left. But there is only a limited time available.
A further variation: daytime.
For the upcoming game session, it was determined that the mission will take place at night.

Forget long range fire. Maybe equipping the team with shotguns and grenades will be a good idea.

AtZ offers countless options to add variety as well as increasing the challenge. And all this within a solitaire game system.

Many thanks to LNL.

Eliminate the undead. Succeed in your mission.


Thanks for usage of the Header image by Jeff Lewis.

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