6 thoughts on “Lots of new Vassal Modules:

  1. Hey! I’m all over this thing! Woo hoo! I made the big time! My handiwork is on the Big Board’s blog! I’m a made man!
    Clash of Wills, Test of Fire, Hold Fast, Belleau Wood, and Caesar’s Gallic Wars are all mine.
    I actually released the new upgrade 3.4 version of Campaign Commander, Coral Sea last week, but haven’t sent in the news story to make their feed, yet. That’ll teach me!

  2. You never have to ask me twice. This game plays VERY well PBEM. But go download the newest version of the module. I made some sweet changes to it since we last played. I added a new battle board, and instead of drawing chits, you draw cards and all of the information is on the cards.

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