Loose Nukes Turn 2 Air Superiority or The Eat Me Phase [NW:IP]

So this air war is wicked. The side without initiative goes first laying out how they want to potentially dominate the skies. The AWACS benefit allows your to allocate resources (planes) as per the rating. Allies here have a rating of 4 this turn. They place for attacks, then the Non Allies place one and so on! The US forces elect to put highly rated units against lower rated units for 2 reasons.

  1. To reduce the total # of enemies in the sky via Abort or Kills
  2. To protect their own highly rated units from lucky or good PRC J-10/J20 and J 31 Stealth fighters.

So..umm. I forgot to post this about the air war. Please do not fear the airwar embrace its devastation, its carnage and its cruelty.

With that in mind and the benefit of allocating on a 4:1 ratio we load up the PRC units with weaker Mirage and Mig 27/29 fighters from the ROI. This may end up being a costly mistake.

As we can see above and below many of the ROI units double up against the PRC fighters and a few Navy hot shots sign up for the suicide mission about to occur against the PRC. In order for this to be a viable strategy we must knock out lots of Paki units with our premium fighter force.

Above and below the final match offs.

Here below we see the first gut clench for the USA as they realize that the Long Range firepower will go unanswered except for the lone Navy F-35C. Thankful the PRC pilots suck at the 1d10 roll!

But it gets worse, as we get to stand off range the Migs etc cannot fireback they have to survive a second round of fire with no response to these ghosts in the sky.

We will come back and see what happens in the dog fight.

Below at the other end of the ‘air war’ F035C and F15C units destroy Mirage and other Paki units. Yet to be resolved in the middle are several attacks at Stand Off range against F-7 and Mirages which can really only Dog Fight with shorter range missiles such as the AMRAM’s.

Units that are in the ‘line of Pakis [ In Oz this is not a derogatory term, its an abbreviation..so bite me I refuse to PC for you bitches] have defeated or aborted their opponent. Units faced away are aborting, and many are flipped for a step loss. Where units are rated the same, at whatever range they fire at the same time, so in some cases both sides Abort or take a Step.

Losses Allies 2 Steps and 4 aborts. The PRC and Pakis lose a handful of units and several steps. With 10 aborts. Consequently this leaves 5 PRC and Pak units in Superiority but not enough for the rating to be maxed out for the Allies as it relates to Detection ranges etc.

The other down side is that the PRC have enough units of a decent quality that they will force the Allies to allocate escorts to strike runs. Overall not a superb turn for the Allies. But….its just turn 2 and in the end a win is a win.

The final result… PRC and Pak’s, are told to pack their shit, get out the knee pads and start eating. Total dominance of the air, and more shit than you can ever handle!!

The net was 2-3 Paki units downed, 2 steps lost on PRC J-10 or better units, and some hot flying by the USA. We learned a lot about who to go after, and who not to go after in this one!

2 thoughts on “Loose Nukes Turn 2 Air Superiority or The Eat Me Phase [NW:IP]

  1. I loved the air war part of NW: Korea. I’m excited for the air war supplement and NW: Poland, this just wets the appetite.

    • Let hope it keeps the situation relatively ‘realistic’ The up proficency’ed NORKS was a bit of a joke in Korea.
      Which is basically why most WWIII current titles face a challenge – making mostly asymmetrical wars worth playing

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