Look who set sail!

These guys, who are they?


The Admiralty Trilogy Group publishes Fear God & Dread Nought, Command at Sea, and Harpoon, naval wargames that together make up the Admiralty Trilogy.


 I don’t know if you saw the press release, so I’ll risk insulting your intelligence. Admirality Trilogy have split off from Clash of Arms, their old publisher, and are selling digital content on The Wargame Vault. Yes that guy. The Larry Bond! 

They now have 20+ titles up, including some freebies, with more to be added on a weekly basis. Like most smart publishers who have languished its time for some zesty reprints! Their immediate goal is to get more of our backlist, previously available only as hard copy, available at TWV.

Completely new stuff in development as well, no news on that front yet.


The Naval SITREP will continue as before, except AT are not taking new subs or renewing  subscriptions after the old ones run out. Instead, EVERY issue is $3.00, instead of $21 for three issues. DEAL!

There are 34 issues (14 through 47) available right now.

The earlier issues contain a lot of dated material, so AT will condense 1 – 13 into a “best of” publication.

Website will be here soon , their email is adtrgroup@aol.com, or through Facebook .


Good luck guys!

2 thoughts on “Look who set sail!

  1. Got the email. Just as playing a blind moderated PBeM game has gotten me back into these games… Can’t wait to see the new website.

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