Lone Tree Hill Turns 3-9

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At the beginning of Turn three Lt Snake and his men are rushing to setup positions and get out of the open, knowing that Arty could drop any moment.  2015-08-29 18.00.12

Sgt Hiro realizes he is outfoxed by the US army, and will be forced to enter under opportunity fire….they are pounded, but manage to close to melee. 

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Despite the withering fire the Japs close and valiantly knock off one US squad, before succumbing.


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Turns 4,5,6 are spent closing on the Village. Here I think the Japanese should have risked sending a squad to spot and drop arty. They did not.

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With MG’s deployed, and flamethrowers blasting the Japanese fight a losing battle. Several US squads are shaken and the US hero heads to battle tying up the IJA Ldr Kusanagi.

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On the final turn, Snake closes to melee, he needs a 10 to destroy the enemy stack. He rolls 7!

He uses his luckyman card to add three wiping out the squad and Type 92.  The Japanese now roll, if they can kill a the squad they die but leave the hex open for the ‘technical win’

2015-08-29 22.45.42


NO SNAKE EYES! Game over.

The US romped in here. The IJa made two mistakes. First not securing the entry point for Sgt Hiro, and two not taking the risk to place a spotter to use their formidable arty that was available.

The US got lucky.

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