Lone Tree Hill, HoP

March 1944, Dutch New Guinea.

2015-08-25 16.45.43

The US Army is tasked with clearing the village!

2015-08-28 11.13.13

Initial forces are staged n the hill. Enemy reinforcements are expected along the bottom map edge.

Down range is the village. With just 9 tuns to secure the location the US will have to run the gauntlet.

2015-08-27 13.48.28

Migliore and his squads setup to cover the flank of the advance and block Sgt Hiros entrance.

2015-08-28 10.30.04

The reduced Japanese army force attempt to engage the US, only to cause a hero!2015-08-28 10.30.18


At the start of Turn 3 the US teams are strung out.

2015-08-28 11.13.20

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