6 thoughts on “LOF # 15 & Compendium 2 Counters!

  1. Breaking new ground in gonzo unboxing vids — all the high-def side nibs you can handle in stunning HD! (Thanks for the info as always, Kev, guess I can safely move LOF #15 to my “to-buy” list.

    • Well Tyler thanks first of all for the commment. They make my day.
      bizarre,idiosyncratic and subjective. hmmm.. Really Tyler. Where is the G$% Damn Love brother.

      • Nothing but love, my Aussie friend. Let’s just say I was thinking of a far more … ahem … specialized usage of the term.

  2. Kev,
    Thanks for the eyes on! I have taken an interest in Lock n Load since our discussion about Old School Tactical. I have been weighing the differences between new MH Walker and old MH Walker… This definitely has me interested in some of what is to come for LnL under the new regime…

    • Remember MArk is not the designer of OST. He is the publisher. I hope to be playing this in Beta format on VASSAL this week. More details then. The two systems are very different.

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