1/2] LocknLoad Publishing Magazine: Line of Fire #10, a WaW universe scenario AAR.

LocknLoad Publishing Magazine: Line of Fire #10, a WaW universe scenario AAR. – Heroes of the Gap
West Germany, May 22nd, 1985
With the War just 9 days old the Soviets have blown through the first defensive barriers. Fresh Soviet troops pour through the breaches. The 93rd Recon, having just fought a fierce battle against the Bundeswehr, regroup and repair equipment. They reset to attack Faulbach once more.

The British know its up to them to stop the Soviets and a full breach of the Rhine River right here. The Ghurkas stand ready to die here in the opening skirmishes of the battle for the bridges.

Scenario: Control of the four buildings in the center of Faulbach will mean control of the roads to the Rhine. Additional VP’s available for most units killed and most vehicles dispatched to mechanics hell.

Open British Move

They pull into town and establish a line of fire.

Both sides move aggressively.


Soviets position to capture two building

Soviets hump by foot to town. They should have double timed with the leader.


The Striker runs the board edge (I know.. lame) BUT, now can fire across the field at the approaching Soviets.

Close up


The Brits race across to the far side of the intersection and pop a vehicle in an alcove.


BRDM has a shortage of units to shoot at.


The BMP lines up the enemy



The BMP shoots, the troops rush to the buildings. But now have to dislodge and capture 3 buildings to stay in the game.

Part 2 coming shortly.

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