Appellation Bragg Controlee-AAR

This LNL scenario is a fun one from Line of Fire 13? (I think). The situation is June 6th 1985. The Soviets have penetrated into France.


Short story….. Ex Special Forces loses family, wants revenge on both sides! This lovely idea from Jeff Lewis is managed via initiative 1d6 roll.

Each turn both side roll for initiative. The side winning, controls Bragg! Each additional turn after the first you -1 from your 1d6 roll as the initiative holder.

At the end of turn 2 I still had control of Bragg. The French send him raging after the Soviets who run for cover! French forces press up to cover avenues of approach. Most kills wins….oh and a dead Bragg is worth 5 VP. So use him, but dont lose him.

With just 5 turns, the Soviets seek a quick victory and attempt to close on Bragg in a Stone building…tsk tsk. 2 squads die. and 2 more sit shaken with nothing but a hedge row between them and vengeance.  As luck would have it I pick up Bragg for the 3rd turn!

Bragg melees the hapless Soviet fighters, and sweeps the board. In Turn for the French roll an uncanny 6 -3 while the Soviets roll a ONE! Bragg is ready to fight again. But rather than that, we send Bragg as far away from the French as possible. While consolidating our fire zones to protect against a last minute rush.

Turn 5 sees Soviet control of Bragg! But he is too far away to do any damage nor can his forces reach the French.  A quick fun scenario, that was likely frustrating for the Soviets, but the French giggled their way to the end. Thanks for playing Tyler!

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