LNL, The Bear and the Jackal “Nightmare”

2015-03-17 18.31.12

If you play poorly enough this scenario can be over really quickly!

Line of Fire 15, brings the Bear and the Mujahadeen face to face with authentic 1985  scenario action drawn from first hand accounts lifted from The Bear went over the Mountain a massive tome on a debriefings and after action reports of real Soviet officers, conducted by US researchers.

2015-03-17 18.31.15

In this case the Soviets are seeking to clear the village a typical op.

Excellent Muj placement makes a quick mess of the Soviets board entry in the hills.

2015-03-17 18.48.32


So much so that continued fire just poops on them hard core. Even with a tank and reinforcements we quickly realize there is no way to clear the village with this approach in the time given! We need to re – solve this tactical puzzle.2015-03-17 19.45.19

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