Live Box opening Proud Monster Deluxe.

Well yeah baby!
Proud Monster deluxe arrived not 45 minutes ago!

Shure looks perty.

I was going to do yet another of my boring “ohh goody look what I got videos… But then I thought. Hey why not let you guys, who are Russian Front /Eastern Theatre, WWII, fans direct the box opening!

At 5pm Central Summer Time on Monday the 11th I will be opening the box for the first time on live on camera.

I’ll take you thru the components, maps, charts, details ….hmmm pieces. Yummy.

You can see for yourself if it was worth it, desirable…..
OR if you own it and its in the house you can fraternize with other smart people who own the game and pat your self on the back.

Orrrrrrrrr… you can be a curmudgeon and join in and poo poo the whole thing.

5pm Monday nite see ya then.

The session will then be available on Youtube etc afterward

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