Liberty Roads [Round 2]

Due to a couple of mix ups which penalized first the Germans then the Allies we reset our first play, and I feel that it was not going too well for the Germans and far too easy for the Allies.

So here we go:

The Landings once again take place in the North.

Relatively painless landings take place, each zone being cleared quickly.

The right mix of tactical counters plays well for the Allies. So overall off to a solid start again!

End positions June 6th turn.















Locations :

Hitlers approval plummets and attacks smash into the Germans.

End Turn 1 and we release the German forces in the North at the correct time!

No air cover or support however in Turn 2 or Turn 3. This stymies the Allies.

Attacks go in, but poor weather limits options and increases losses on the ground.

KG formations thwart my every move!

Steve is quick to reinforce this time:

Turn 3 so far is the only turn with air assets.












Much slower progress this turn, and the Hitler track is reset. This means reinforcements are now faster for Germany than the Allies!

In turn 5 the action picks up… no Air again!

A huge bounce! Plus the indignity of step losses also. Units retreat to the coast..

Monty goes for gold, using this chit can be a bear.

In this case it allows us to press forward and we finally get some much needed air in turn 6.

Solid attacks get us across the rivers. But the supply rules bedevil the allies.

Patton attempts to push the river line and its tough going. The Germans can mass, and are not forced to spread themselves too thin. This is problematic for the Allies, versus the long lines need for containment in the South near a place called Normandy….

The 2nd invasion happens… Frankly this was dumb. I should have landed perhaps in Calais. I was trying to be too clever by half.

















ohh.. this…this is all wrong.. wrong..wrong wrong…









































Slow going…long supply lines and…well poop.






















Turn 10 still no break out. The Germans can replace faster than me and worse can replace units faster than I can kill them. Their army is BIGGER than at game start.






















Allies resign. Eisenhower finds a quiet corner and curls in a ball as Monty lambasts him for his foolishness.








2 thoughts on “Liberty Roads [Round 2]

  1. Good to see you lose to your other opponents too! 🙂

    This makes me want to bust out the East Front counterpart to this again (mainly to see if I can get the opening Soviet offensive to work instead of the mess I made of it last time!).

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