Liberty Roads 2nd Play

Oct 13th Liberty Roads:
ok.. by the time I get around to writing all this up…maybe I will have forgotten the heart ache of seeing Dwight packing his briefcase and being shipped back to DC for a desk job… It was horrible.
We will reset and swap sides.
The problem with the Northern approach is not the swamps, yes, they are bad. Its the river: Attacker 1/2, defender doubled. The Double whammy. Without air [3 turns due to weather] or 2 additional most turns [no chits] the Allies have no bump to move the needle on odds. Which means a higher risk of losing steps.
By not getting this air we cant capture VP locations which keeps Hitler happy. Which keeps the replacement rate higher than the Allies in Oct 1944 for the Germans.
This image shows 15 reduced divisions.

Eisenhower is fired

Which is 7 turns before they are back to full strength. The Southern invasion was a bad idea. Invading closer to the main invasion perhaps in Dieppe would have been a better idea.

The game seems to punish the type of poor play! :). Which is a good thing!

Normandy and areas that are more open force the Germans to spread out and force them into 2 units a hex not three, thereby greatly increasing the chances of success for the Allies.

A very enjoyable game experience. Full image gallery to come soon.

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