Let the suffering begin


The Men in Chain mail from Breton presented themselves to the wild Norse Gael. Who immediately fell about laughing and back slapping. Pointing derisively at the scared boys in heavy mail and long shields.

SAGA_2014-07-31 20.19.43

While the laughter ensued a squadron of Breton light horse flanked the cocky Norsemen

SAGA_2014-07-31 20.19.49

Rather than screening the bold axe wielding Norse the armoured footmen went head to head!

2014-07-31 20.20.03

Dice may or may not have been a factor!2014-07-31 21.01.26

With the foot men out of the way the Head of the Clan cast about for something to savage. “Tonight we dine on Breton HORSE”


That seemed to do it for the Norsemen and it also worked for the Bretons.2014-07-31 21.01.40

Deft use of the battle boards left a solitary horsemen standing, while the flanking force were having none of it.2014-07-31 21.13.24


Newb owns ‘playah’, fun at Great Hall Games last nite!

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