Leros In the Dark of Night 0100-0600 day 1

Thanks for all the votes, first of all! Yes now you that you see the strength of the para drop the voters have swung towards reinforcement.

2011-10-15 23-23-04.640

Well unfortunately there is not much left to reinforce!

And in the middle,


These guys refuse to give any quarter and have held thru 0600, in what can be best described as a tenacious and stubbornly British “fuck off you lot we are trying t ‘ave a kip”

IMG_7284It was only after cross fire and solid covering fire that the Paras take out the LRDG located here. A vital contest and objective for the Germans to secure safe passage.

As the FJ group execute their plan they have until sunrise which is when a new Op Plan must be implemented.

The British at the behest of the audience player sat tight, and it was not until 0600 that the poll swung in favor of reinforcement. A costly delay.



The wind picks up, carrying with it the sound of troop escorts and landing craft. All around the Island the sound of feet on cobblestone is heard as troops scurry into position.


The sun rises fast over the Aegean. As it warms the cool air, and strikes the cliff faces of Leros, command officers begin receiving reports of huge numbers of transports headed to multiple vecotrs on the island.

Gunners manning the coastal weapons begin to fire. With little or no effect.  The Germans have chosen well and avoid any losses at landing.


The targets appear to be Portolago, Mt Vedetta, Aldina Bay (North Shore) where the fighting Irish report a “huge” force advancing on the town and request Artillery fire. All which lands in the Ocean.  At Pandeli Bay (north shore ) and the Pier  in Leros, more Germans stream ashore in hte hald light using cover where ever they can.

Last minute reports have panicked calls for assistance from the Italians in St Giorgio!


3 sections of LRDG and 3 AT Gun sections, along with 2 possibly 3 MG sections.

So where are the bad guys?

Currently Reported Landing Zones!

All of your forces are in Prepared Defenses. This means that if you move a unit from its current location you lose the defensive benefit of being “dug in”.  If you recall we set up the British on the high ground where possible and dug in villages and towns.

The Poll today is simple. Stand and Fight where you are, Develop Counter Attacks for weakest forces or most dangerous situations, or Retreat to central location?

Once we have an idea of force location and strength you can make a more detailed choice. But for now the forces are landing in Red Zones, you don’t have accurate numbers. It is however time to make some plans. By 0800 in game time we will make a choice on the three options above whilst we ascertain force dispositions in full daylight.

Poll to follow this post.

Video over view here:

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