Le Retour of the Bloody Emperor!

Its all Napoleon all the time at the moment with two Didier Rouy games from Pratzen Editions! Our early play with their PBeM game series is proving to be fun for me. We will see how the participants feel at the end.

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This time a test of play of Le Retour de l’Empereur. Part of the Long Live the Emperor series of which only two remain in print.

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Visually interesting with oversized hexes 30mm, and all the units are rectangular. More slender counters represent skirmishers and step losses etc.

The maps are a soft pastel set of colors. Subtle but European in style evoking some solid period feel for sure.

With just a few turns under my belt this system might be the ‘just right ‘ level of detail I have been looking for. Deeper and richer than NLB, less fiddly and cumbersome OCD than La Batt.

Once I play a full scenario I will attempt to put some more thoughts together.

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2 thoughts on “Le Retour of the Bloody Emperor!

  1. Looking forward to your thoughts Kevin, I am not hugely taken by the counter design (well except that I love rectangular counters!) but find NLB a bit light and La Bataille a bit much (so much I havent ever even finished reading the rules…), so am excited this might represent a sweet spot for Napoleonics.

  2. I’m blaming you Kev, a copy appeared on eBay and now it’s headed my way …
    Oh well it’s the 200th anniversary and all that, (that’s what I tell myself anyway).

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